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Kayaking, Canoeing & Rafting

Explore the magnificent wilderness of both Tongariro National Park and Whanganui National park with a kayak, canoe or rafting experience.

Whanganui River Martyn Davies 1 Dec 2016.jpg

Whanganui River Journey

Taking an adventure down the mighty Whanganui river is a summertime dream. Explore the untouched, natural wonderland and epic journey as you paddle through deep gorges and past cascading waterfalls. A Journey like no other and magical experience for all ability levels.

The mighty Whanganui River is a mecca for a multitude of watersports, with kayaking and multi day canoe trips as popular options to experience the natural and historical beauty of the waterway. For a real slice of something more traditional, you can try the Whanganui River dories, North American inspired dinghies that make for a relaxing and interesting journey.

Seeking a little more trill in your adventure? Feel the power and see the beauty of the rivers pristine natural landscapes from the vally floor via jet boat. Book your jet boat experience today.

Jetboat tour on the Whanganui River.jpg

For more fast paced adventures, there is world class rafting on the Tongariro River with a white water rafting journey on grade 3 rapids – an ideal grade for experienced paddlers or first-time rafters.

For a more gentle pace follow the river in a leisurely 1.5 hour trip down the soft, tumbling waters of the Lower Tongariro. The magic of rafting comes alive for first time rafters, those who prefer a gentler pace and children. You still get to paddle and there are some small rapids to navigate but nothing too wet or wild.


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