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Tongariro Alpine Crossing in early spring and summer

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On a clear day sitting on a rock perched high up on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is rewarding as you acknowledge your hard work from the climb and sense a feeling of how it was definitely worth it. However the alpine weather can always change in a short space of time.

Going prepared is always good hiking educate and shows a good understanding of safety in the outdoors.  Preparation is key and will ensure you have a fantastic, comfortable experience. 

Before you set off to hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing it does require some preparation. One of the best ways to experience this incredible hike is with the help of a friendly guide.  Short daylight hours in early spring can allow for temperatures to drop below freezing pretty fast. In early spring snow, ice and cool temperatures are all still hazard risks, but if you are well prepared with proper clothing, equipment and skills, it can be a fantastic experience.   

In the mid of summer the Tongariro Alpine Crossing can also reach some high temperatures as you hike at a higher altitude than normal.  Be prepared and pack plenty of drinking water, sturdy footwear such as hiking boots, sunscreen and appropriate clothing. Be aware that the weather conditions can change fast in summer.

For specific information to consider when embarking on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing go to the safety page here, check with a guide or go to the official Department of Conservation website here

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