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About Us

Visit Ruapehu (VR) is the Ruapehu region’s Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO). Our responsibility is to market the destination of Ruapehu as New Zealand’s first choice, outdoor destination.

 We work closely with Tourism New Zealand, other RTO’s and connectivity partners to provide the best possible visibilty of our destination to both domestic and international tourists. 

The RTO provides the platform for the region’s tourism operators, accomodation providers, cafes, bars and restaurants and other organisations connected to or related to tourism to come together and represent the best of what we have to offer.

Our role is to ensure that the tourist can see and want to visit this wonderous part of New Zealand and do so easily and with confidence that they are receiving the best possible information on how to do so.

What do we do

 At a simple level we provide: 

  • A regional brand or promise that tourists can see and feel
  • Print based content in the Visitor Guide for Ruapehu, the Tongariro National Park and Whanganui National Park
  • Digital content in a platform to showcase the experiences the tourist can access
  • Support and leadership to our tourism industry

 Additional activities include: 

  • Domestic marketing campaigns that tourism related businesses can buy into
  • International marketing activity, in conjunction with Tourism New Zealand, that tourism related businesses can buy into
  • Development of the regions visibility with key travel trade organisations
  • Media and third party content providers management around regional messaging and visibility

How do we operate 

Visit Ruapehu is primarly funded by Ruapehu District Council (RDC) rates. RDC allocates a budget, based upon a three year funding cycle, to Visit Ruapehu and VR builds a business and marketing plan that it can achieve within that level of investment.
The level of investment determines the outputs of the organisation.

Visit Ruapehu also recives direct financial contributions from tourism related organisations who contribite to campaign and other activity. In addition, tourism related businesses contribute “in kind” offerings to enable the RTO to market the destination. In kind contributions range from offering the use of meeting facilities to co-ordinating, hosting and managing media trips on behalf of the region.

Visit Ruapehu operate to KPI’s set by RDC and to the achievement of its own strategy and business plan – written to drive the growth of our collective tourism industry. We report monthly to RDC on progress and hold quarterly update meetings for all interested stakeholders to attend. At these sessions we update on our progress against the annual business plan and key projects.

 What is our structure 

Visit Ruapehu is a not for profit organisation – operating as the Visit Ruapehu RTO Trust.
Volunteer Trustees and a Chairperson are appointed to ensure that the organisation is operating as it should and to provide support and resources to the Visit Ruapehu team.

The Visit Ruapehu team are:

Jo Kennedy – Marketing Manager click here to email Jo

Our Marketing Manager is responsible for the marketing strategy, communications and messaging associated with the Ruapehu region. She leads all campaign activity and is responsible for our key media engagements and messaging.

Alex Pearce – Trade & Marketing Coordinator click here to email Alex

The Trade and Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of Visit Ruapehu's digital content. 



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