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On any given day the New Zealand Tourism Industry is either the largest, or the second largest industry in our country

Tourism is worth over 29 Billion dollars and the tourism industry employs over 6% of our population and has great potential to grow further.

At Visit Ruapehu we aim to keep you up to date with Industry news, we email a quarterly Industry Newsletter and hold quarterly update meetings which we would love you to attend. To be added to our invite and newsletter list please contact us on and type 'Industry Updates' into the subject line.

Working with travel trade is another aspect of the industry you can use to grow your tourism business. The travel distribution system offers multiple ways to increase sales of your products, people who book through agents do so for a variety of reasons. Booking through an agent offers security, decreases the hours spend trawling the internet and means our visitors are given expert advice and have 24 hour assistance once they get here. Travel agents are a valuable and easily accessible tool to increase sales and marketing in your business.

If you would like to know more about how to work with Travel Agents please get in touch with our team at

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