If time is limited then join us for 4 hours on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. will explain the geography and history of the Tongariro National Park and New Zealand along with details on the flora, fauna and geology of the area.

Experience the majestic Tongariro National Park and feel the crisp mountain air as you follow your expert guide across the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for a view of the volcanic landscape during this 4-hour trek. Soak in the snowy white expanse in winter or the lush, blooming beauty during summer. Learn about the secrets and history of the landscape around you. Travel through natural wonders that leave you inspired and breathless. Notice the gradual change in flora as you climb higher in altitude. Witness the grandeur of Mount Ngauruhoe, which lies between Mount Tongariro, Mount Ruapehu. Our guided trips will deliver a friendly, informative and unforgettable experience.

Pricing and Conditions

High Season
$215 (Adult)


Months of Operation
All Year