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Kakahi Glowworms

Check out the glowworms at Kakahi while you're in Ruapehu!

If you're looking for something unique to do with your family, check out the glowworms in Kakahi!

The New Zealand glow-worm stands out as one of the most captivating insects in the local fauna. It can be found across the country, inhabiting limestone caves, disused mining tunnels, stream banks, damp forested ravines, shady crevices, and beneath the fronds of tree ferns in rainforests.

The larva of this species constructs a nest resembling a mucous and silk tunnel, hanging an assortment of fishing lines made from the same materials. These lengthy, adhesive fishing lines serve to ensnare prey. The larva then pulls up the fishing line with the trapped prey and proceeds to consume the ensnared insect. When fully mature, the larvae can reach lengths of up to 40 mm, while the adult flies average about 15 mm in length.

Kakahi takes its name from the Kakahi freshwater shellfish that inhabit the region. The area now hosts expansive colonies of glowworms along the steep banks where Te Rena Road deeply cuts through the hillside for approximately 500 meters.