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The Raetihi Collie Club Dog Trials - Expired

Chan and Rowe farms, Parapara Highway | 23 Feb - 25 Feb 24

The Raetihi Collie Club held its first trial in 1918. Over the years the club has been well represented in National and Island level championships

The Raetihi Dog Trials are a beloved annual event that encapsulates the rugged spirit of rural New Zealand. Held along the Parapara highway, this competition celebrates the remarkable skills and intelligence of working dogs and their handlers. The event draws competitors and spectators from near and far, who gather to witness these remarkable partnerships in action. The atmosphere is electric as skilled dog handlers and their four-legged companions navigate through challenging courses, demonstrating their ability to move livestock. 

The four courses; zigzag, straight hunt, long head and short head and yard courses are all held on adjoining properties along the Parapara Highway.  We are very fortunate to have access to the Chan and Rowe properties for our event.  These courses are of championship standard and a good test for all competitors.

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