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Raetihi Arts Exhibition - Expired

Raetihi Arts Trust Gallery, 59 Seddon St Raetihi | 07 Aug - 30 Aug 22

This exhibition will showcase local artists

Pauline Allomes is from Whanganui and has an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity NZQA level 7. She derives her art style from the beauty of the world, "the realisation that through my art I can portray how beautiful I find the world we live in and my sorrow at the destruction we are causing was a turning point for my art , coupled with the development of micrography which seems to suit my drawing style, I can now create beautiful images that carry a strong message. If those that view these images are moved to make even a small change in their lives I have achieved my goal."


10 am – 12 pm weekdays.

1pm - 4pm weekdays.

10 am-Noon weekends

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Paula Charlton has a Diploma of Art & Creativity , The Learning Connexion 2016 Founding Partner of Volcano Vibe Collective – Artist Collective in Raetihi. Paula focuses on landscapes and portraits using different mediums, " I am d riven to capture the essence of my subjects, bringing their personal traits and character to life through a creative process that includes interviewing the subject personally, if possible. My works could be described in the photo realism realm, and I like to highlight distinctive qualities and interests of the subject. My preferred medium is graphite and charcoal - I just love complexity that you can achieve with a simple pencil or stick of charcoal. I also draw in coloured pencil, pastels, and paint portraits in acrylics."

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