We welcome all travelers - Campervans, cars bikes and walkers. Self-contained camper or non self-contained vehicle come and spend a night or just stop by a use the facilities.

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The site offers 197 free parking spaces with 13 secure parking. Site services are state of the art with shuttle services also operating daily from the site to popular activities. Park your RV, motorhome or car securely or in the free parking zone and access the full amenities of the site with your Kiwi Cash device.  

You do not need to stay to come in and use the facilities. Just purchase your $5 KiwiCash card

Buy a KiwiCash Key from a local key retailer. Get a key


  • Caravan power points , Showers, Power points , Cook tops , Dish washing , Laundry ,Fresh water filling ,Free Toilets ,Free EV Charging ,Free Dump station,Free Wifi 

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