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Bridge to Nowhere

Adventure along a spiritual river and learn about history and culture of this very special place.

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The Whanganui River is a sacred area to the Maori and holds a rich history with many unique stories to tell. Its magnificent beauty will leave you in awe as you explore through lush natural podocarp forest and stumble across the “Bridge to Nowhere”. The bridge is all that remains from the early settlers and is only accessible by boat and then by walking track.

Tours are suitable for ages and are the most memorable experiences that bring you so close to an era of the past and present time. A tour that will surprise you with special thoughts of what might have been. Catch a jet boat up the river through lush vegetation before following in the footsteps of the early pioneers along the old roadway to the "Bridge to Nowhere". Along the way, your guide will be able to tell you about the history of the land as you admire the deep river gorges covered with green tree ferns and thriving native vegetation. 

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