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Retro Day

A celebration of the beginning of spring skiing and snowboarding in the Ruapehu district.


Retro Day is fast approaching and we all know the best skiing and boarding in New Zealand in spring is at Mt Ruapehu so what better way to celebrate than to raid the drawers, shed or your Aunty’s closet and dust off gear from days gone by and get retro on it.

What better way to celebrate some of the best snow in New Zealand than to get dressed up and possibly win some great spot prizes by simply being seen by the Ruapehu Fashion Police who will be patrolling Ohakune and Tūroa skifield throughout the day issuing fashion fines.

There is no cost other than a sense of bruised fashion pride and a whole lot of fun in the best little snow town in New Zealand. Get planning now and sort out your gear and be ready to have some Retro fun. 

September 4th.

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