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Peak to Powderkeg

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Welcome to The Peak to Powderkeg, New Zealand’s iconic and unique alpine triathlon that celebrates the end of Winter and the start of Spring Skiing on Mt. Ruapehu.

Steeped in history, the Peak to Powderkeg first started some 24 years ago to the sound of a gunshot before competitors raced down the mountainside via snow, foot and pedal to the Powderkeg pub in the township of Ohakune for the fourth stage of the triathlon– the skulling of a beer to complete the race.

Starting in waves in a Le Mans style fashion, you’ll have a 3.2 km ski or snowboard to the snowline, before transitioning to a 3.8 km run approximately to the 12.5 km road marker and then a 12.5 km cycle to the bottom of the Mountain Road. Here you’ll rack your bikes on the green and test your jelly legs as you run to the end of Thames Street before turning around and sprinting into the Powderhorn car park to skull your beer (or lemonade if you’re under 18). The clock doesn’t stop until the empty vessel hits the timing table!

For more information on this event, and to enter, please visit the website 

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