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Shuttles and Gear Hire

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  • Tongariro Shuttle

    Base Camp Shuttle

    From $35 Shuttles, Taupo
  • Majestic Whanganui River

    Owhango Adventures

    From $50 Canoe Hire, Owhango
  • Enjoy the pristine untouched environment as you paddle down the Whanganui River

    Taumarunui Canoe Hire

    From $65 Canoe Hire, Taumarunui
  • SLR shop.png


    Snow Gear Hire, Bike Hire, Ohakune
  • new bus .jpg

    Ohakune to Tūroa Bus Service

    From $20 Mountain Shuttles, Ohakune
  • Shuttle Service.jpg

    National Park Shuttles

    From $20 Mountain Shuttles, National Park
  • Canoe Safaris Kayak and Canoe Rentals

    Canoe Safaris

    From $45 Canoe Hire, Ohakune
  • new bus .jpg

    National Park to Whakapapa Bus Service

    From $15 Mountain Shuttles, National Park, Whakapapa Village
  • Ruapehu Scenic

    Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles

    From $10 Shuttles, Mountain Shuttles, National Park, Owhango, Whakapapa Village
  • Whanganui River Canoe

    Whanganui River Canoes

    From $180 Canoe Hire, Bike Hire,
  • my kiwi adventure.jpg

    My Kiwi Adventure Shuttles

    From $20 Mountain Shuttles, Whakapapa Village, National Park
  • summit-shuttles.jpg

    Summit Shuttles

    From $20 Mountain Shuttles, National Park

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