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Day Trips to Taupō

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Lake Taupo image credit Destination Great Lake Taupo

North-east of Ruapehu lies Lake Taupō and Turangi, a pleasant drive from National Park Village sends you through Tongariro National Park and along the edge of Lake Taupō

Lake Taupō

A popular tourist destination boasting the largest freshwater lake in Australasia, Lake Taupō is actually a giant caldera (crater), the result of an almighty volcanic eruption some 26,500 years ago.

Lake Taupō is undoubtedly one of the world’s most unique and picturesque areas. World-class trout fishing, scenic cruises, kayaking, sailing, white water rafting, wakeboarding and summer time swimming are all popular with locals and visitors alike. For something a bit higher speed, you can take your pick from jet boating, skydiving, motor racing and bungy jumping.

Situated a short drive north of Ruapehu Lake Taupō is a great addition to the area, especially in the summer months with a huge range of watersports and tourism activities to satisfy the whole family.

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Turangi is ‘The Trout Fishing Capital of the World’ and is only a 40 minute drive from Whakapapa Village making it an easy drive for a day visit.

Built on the banks of the Tongariro River and famous for its fly fishing, Turangi and it’s surrounding countryside also offers fantastic hunting, mountain biking, hiking, bush walks, white water rafting, kayaking and sightseeing. 

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