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National Army Museum Latest Exhibition

National Army Museum, State Highway 1 Waiouru | 01 Sep - 01 Apr 24

“Auschwitz. Now.” is the latest exhibition from the Holocaust and Antisemitism Foundation, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Exhibition Now Open!

Runs until April 2024

“Auschwitz. Now.” is the latest exhibition from the Holocaust and Antisemitism Foundation, Aotearoa New Zealand. It consists of images of Auschwitz shot in 2019, black and white survivor portraits, and three minute Holocaust survivor stories, including several from survivors resident in New Zealand.

Auschwitz is the best known of the Nazi death camps and has come to function as a metaphor for the Holocaust itself. For that reason the exhibition includes stories not only from those who experienced Auschwitz but also from those who survived elsewhere, whether it be France, Serbia, Holland or Tunisia.

“Auschwitz. Now.” was produced by the creators of The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition, a multidisciplinary exhibition launched by Prime Minister John Key in 2013. It toured nineteen art galleries, museums, and public spaces throughout New Zealand 2013-2016. “Auschwitz. Now.” incorporates many of the stories that made Shadows of Shoah so successful, along with more recent stories captured in NZ, Australia, Israel and USA.

The exhibition is the work of photographer Perry Trotter. Interviews and research are by historian Dr Sheree Trotter. To date, they have photographed and interviewed nearly seventy Holocaust survivors. The work is ongoing.

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