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Owhango, Raurimu & Whakahoro


Owhango is situated between Tongariro Forest and Whanganui National Park. The town lies on the 39 South Circle of Latitude which spans across South America, Australia and through the middle of Owhango. The main trunk line runs alongside the Owhango township and was used as the main supply line carrying timber and livestock.


Further south, the small settlement of Raurimu is most famous for the Raurimu Spiral, an engineering masterpiece that made it possibe to access the steep slopes between the Volcanic Plateau and the gorges of the Whanganui River. Completed in 1908, the spiral enabled the Main Trunk Railway to be completed thereby opening up the Central North Island to valuable trading and employment opportunities. The Spiral can be viewed from a platform on SH 4.

Short trips through the spiral can be arranged between Taumarunui and National Park Village. , or visitors can stay in Raurimu itself.


To the west is the settlement of Whakahoro. Remnants of both Maori and European history can be seen along this section of the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail. Restored historic buildings pay tribute to the bustling lfe this remote valley would have once known.

The area is also part of kia wharite. Kayakers may see the rare endangered blue duck (whio) along the Retaruke River or Kaiwhakauka Track.